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You can teach an old dog new tricks as long as you have some proven dog training strategies in your arsenal. Whether you need to know how to potty train a dog or are working on obedience and basic commands, our experts offer advice and tips to make your training sessions a success. The key to a good dog is a well-trained dog. When you train together, an unspoken language builds between you through words, hand signals, whistles and other methods. Test your training skills. Pet Misbehaving? It Might Be Your Fault By Mikkel Becker, Thu Apr 27 EDT Fear, stress and anxiety are at the root of many problem behaviors in cats and dogs — and in some cases, human behavior is the direct cause of a pet’s actions.

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Helpline receives frequent inquiries about how to train dogs for therapy work. GDH Trainer Christie Canfield conducts therapy visits with her dog and also teaches therapy dog classes. Because of the many benefits they bring, dog training articles, therapy dogs are in high demand. Although our dogs give us unconditional love, not all dogs are a good fit for therapy work.

So what makes a good therapy dog and how does an owner dog training articles dog become a therapy team? A dog trained dog training articles provide comfort and affection to people in a facility setting.

Therapy dogs are NOT Service Dogs, which are trained to provide a specific service for a person with special needs. Science has shown us how beneficial therapy dog training articles can be. Visits from a therapy dog can lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce patient anxiety, and increase levels of endorphins and oxytocin. Therapy dogs can be seen in a variety of settings. Hospitals, nursing homesassisted living facilities, schoolsand libraries are just a few examples.

Therapy dog candidates should be naturally calm, friendly and affectionate to strangers. They also need to be well trained in basic obedience, able to easily adapt to novel noises, places, smells, and equipment. Therapy dog organizations also require that therapy dogs be healthy and have regular wellness check-ups and be well-groomed, clean and brushed at the time of all visits.

The seven-day-a-week telephone service is staffed by experienced dog trainers. Compare Breeds Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side. Preparing For Puppy, dog training articles. Dog Name Finder Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration. Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid.

Additional Resources AKC. Get Started in Dog Training. Clubs Offering: Training Classes. Sign In Sign Up. Oct 05, 2 Minutes. What is a therapy dog? Why a therapy dog? Where do they work? Who is a good candidate for therapy work? How do you train a therapy dog? Socialize your puppy or dog to new people, dog training articles, places, objects, dog training articles, and surfaces.

Obtain the AKC Canine Good Citizen title on your dog and train necessary behaviors for therapy work including, dog training articles, look, leave it, loose leash walking and not jumping on people.

Enroll your dog in a therapy dog class that will prepare you and your dog for therapy dog visits equipment, situations, handler preparation. Most classes include a therapy dog evaluation at the end of the class. Registration with a national therapy dog organization. This is highly recommended as most therapy dog organizations provide support, advice, and insurance.

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Over articles on training dogs and Dog Training DVDs by Ed Frawley of Leerburg Kennel and Video. Training Your Dog to Be a Therapy Dog. The AKC GoodDog! Helpline receives frequent inquiries about how to train dogs for therapy work. GDH Trainer Christie Canfield conducts therapy visits with. All dog training articles at Lots of positive dog training articles to help train your dog and solve your problem dog behaviors like barking and pulling on the leash.