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Did you ever wonder why some people find the perfect person to marry, do so, and enjoy a love affair that lasts a lifetime? On the other hand, some marry a person that is wrong for them now, wrong for them tomorrow, marriage advice articles, and wrong for them for marriage advice articles lifetime? Why do some succeed at love and marriage where others fail? Don believed that you are what you are by the time you become an adult.

Changing who and what you are becomes nearly impossible after that. So what is the lesson in all this? Simple really, marriage advice articles. The people you meet in life are, marriage advice articles, by the time they reach adulthood, pretty much what they are. Oh, sure, people as adults marriage advice articles make you believe from time to time that they are something different than what they really are, but in the end, they are, well, they are what they are, marriage advice articles.

Make no mistake about that. When it comes to love and marriage, there is a truism that trumps all truisms — pay close and careful attention to marriage advice articles words, deeds, and actions of the person you think you are falling in love with. And in the end, pay most of your attention to their actions, first and foremost!

Never lose sight of this truism for to do so is put your heart, your health, and your happiness at peril. You think you love a guy. He tells you all of the right things. But over time you begin to notice that his actions belie his words. He tells you he respects you but dismisses your opinions. He waxes on about how he puts you on a pedestal but never opens the door for you when he gets to it first.

He tells you how he wants the relationship between the two of you a shared relationship, and then he makes all the decisions. You marriage advice articles the idea. We marriage advice articles go on.

They rarely do. So, back to the earlier question — the best secret to a successful marriage is marrying the right person in the first place! Taking the time to carefully observe the actions of another person over a period of time tells you a lot more about them than their words ever could, marriage advice articles.

All too often we hear one or both people in a marriage lament to us that if they had only paid attention to the telltale signs, they would not have married the person they married. Many of these relationships end in divorce. We do, however, believe strongly that paying close and careful attention to the one you are thinking about marrying in the early stages of your relationship can save a lot of failed marriages from happening in the first place.

This is the ultimate key to a successful marriage. If you consciously and rationally believe that the words, deeds, and actions of the one you are thinking of marrying all jive and are consistent, then your marriage has half a chance at being successful. In marriage advice articles end, a marriage built on this foundation has a reasonable chance of success. And while we often say that a successful marriage is an accumulation of the simple things, and that a good marriage is simple to understand, we always remind people that you have to do the simple things each and every day of your lives together to make it work.

Making marriage a success requires hard work. If you base your marriage on a lie — you ignored the actions you were observing in the person you were falling in love with — then all of the simple things required to make a marriage work will more than likely not be enough to carry the day. Pervasive characteristics in people are very real. They define who they are and they almost never change. As we always say, keep your eyes wide open when you are falling in love.

One final note — never enter a marriage thinking you can ignore the behaviors now and change them later. Too many have fallen prey to this notion. It rarely ever works. Ask the Doctors. Marriage Advice TV. Marriage Quotes. New Book by the Doctors. Media Room Marriage advice articles Kit. Articles About Love and Marriage.

Successful Marriage by America's Love and Marriage Experts Did you ever wonder why some people find the perfect person to marry, do so, and enjoy a love affair that lasts a lifetime? Resources for Dating and First Marriages. Resources for Couples in Stress. Resources for Love the Second Time Around. Resources for Helping Professionals.


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marriage advice articles


In this Marriage Builders® site, you will be introduced to some of the best ways to overcome marital conflicts and some of the quickest ways to restore love.. The information Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr. provides has saved thousands of marriages from the pain . Marriage Advice Articles Collected by Ed Fisher – here’s why you should get them and why I give them to you for free. When I had serious marriage problems, one of the first things I did was search the Internet for any good marriage advice that could help me. Marriage resources with Biblical principles and Christian advice. Marital help and guidance for newlyweds, those struggling, or need rekindling.