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talent management dissertation

Talent management is a new paradigm for management of organizational workforce referred as talent under this concept and a perspective of looking at workforce (human capital) as a strategic valuable asset rather than treating it as a cost center. Talent Management is a term that extends over a wide set of activities, such as succession planning, employees loyalty, employees trust, human resource planning, employee performance management etc. Talent management is defined as a systematic and dynamic. The logic behind talent management is based on the fact that businesses are run by people. Processes, technology and capital are important but it is people who make the decisions. It‘s people who create value by using these corporate assets to create products an organization has, the better it will perform.

Developing A Powerful Talent Management Dissertation Topic

Talent, or skill, is a valuable resource of mankind. It is not easily replicated, reproduced or acquired, however, our history has shown that anything is possible with the right effort and this may be one skill that all humans possess.

Our greatness aside, talent management is a new concept that can prove to be quite valuable to mankind if addressed properly. Our history is dotted with prodigal individuals whose unique perception of reality revolutionized life for the rest of the human populations, examples are Einstein and Isaac newton. The goal of skills optimization is to establish set guidelines to optimize performance in organization to facilitate the accomplishment of strategic goals in a corporation.

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Here are some talent management dissertation topic ideas for your consideration: Spotting natural ability at the earliest possible stage can be the key to efficiently making use of the full potential of the human species and education systems should be geared towards finding out what a child has to offer rather than filling them of things that are already known.

Identifying new abilities instead of simply imposing already discovered talenst on a person who could have had something new to contribute to the collective knowledge and capabilities of society, talent management dissertation.

Find talent management dissertation to make use of unique abilities of individuals, for example, contortionist may be useful for more things other than circus freak displays, talent management dissertation. Show how the connection talent management dissertation persons talent management dissertation the work place and the expectations of their employers can affect their performance in either a positive or negative manner.

Identify the factors that distinguishes the institution of talent management from that of human resources. Is it an act of dehumanization when companies conduct extensive research, then conduct acts of manipulations and coercion in order to extract the highest level of performance from their employees, talent management dissertation, or is it the company attempting to meet the needs of its employees in the same way it expects them to fulfill the expectation of the company?

Has the the study and pursuit of talent management practices affected the level of satisfaction individuals get from their jobs in a negative or positive manner? Has the new found study and emphasis placed on high performance employees made it harder for the average individual to find a job in the current market?

Since its implementation, talent management dissertation, has skill optimization practices created any significant increase in productivity overall? What are the areas that talent management practice seems to have the most positive and negative effects on?

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talent management dissertation


The thesis strives to uncover definitions of the three terms Talent Management, Talent and Value. Completed on a comprehensive literature research we seek to find the value of Talent Management. The thesis composition consists of six chapters: All together, the chapters and their logical sequence firstly offer clarity of topic, problem and purpose. Talent management is a vague phenomena because of the multiple definitions and terms that are described by many authors (Lewis & Heckman, ). In organizational practice, the vagueness of the talent management construct is most clearly reflected in a differentiation between an inclusive talent management approach and an. Talent Management needs an ongoing commitment from all levels of the organization (Laff, ; Uren, ) and can not be constricted to the HR department. If Talent Management would only reside within the HR department it would be too far away from the market and unable to react in time to changes.